Use the weekend the shop all our fresh spring shoe arrivals!

Happy Friday Everyone!
We've just unpacked some amazing new footwear that is perfect for your spring wardrobe planning!
Hope to see you soon!


Monday blues? Try some new shoes! Must haves for spring!

Bueno is a national brand, recognized for their outstanding quality and workmanship! 
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Wear your heart on your....neck? Valentine's Day is near!

If you are a romantic at heart, make sure you let your love know about all our pretty jewels that will set your heart a flutter.  We have a wonderful selection of Pyrrha, handmade talismans from Vancouver, BC. These make the ultimate Valentine's gift as each piece has a symbolic meaning.(Guys can wear them too-Brad Pitt does...just saying) Maybe something sparkly is more your style, new arrivals from the Tangled Merchant are so pretty!
Don't forget to finish it with a local card from Driven to Ink, and add lots of xoxo's.